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    Mai-Sal Stormchaser, Genasi Mage

    Though Mai had traveled far and wide throughout the Realms, never had she been an invited guest of Waterdeep's great silver dragon queen, Metherna. When Mai showed the letter to Tortia (she didn't dare keep such an important development a secret from her master, but she didn't relish the thought of informing her either), she couldn't tell whether Tortia was furious or delighted that her protegé had been summoned by name to a rival dragon's seat of power.

    Mai was permitted leave to go, that at least was never really in doubt, and after a long, arduous journey up from Calimport the storm mage made it to Waterdeep. The place was incredible, moreso than she had remembered from her only previous visit, though she hadn't been to Castle Waterdeep that time. This palace is amazing, she thought as she took in the scenery, none too perturbed at being made to keep waiting.

    Mai is very clearly a genasi, a djinn-blooded one at that, with quartz crystalline "hair" and indigo skin criscrossed by lighter amethyst energy lines. Her clothes are in the fashion of Calimshan, with flowing garments open enough to allow one's skin to breathe in the heat, though beneath that is visible an inner layer of sturdier clothing laced with violet crystalline material that shimmers slightly. She walks with a thin metallic staff capped by a topaz-colored gemstone. A faint smell of ozone follows her wherever she goes, hinting at the storm of energy contained within her.

    She offers a simple "Hello" as others--presumably summoned just like she had been--begin to enter. She observes each one keenly and quietly.
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