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    Class & Race
    [Race] Crystal Folk
    [Races] Rhui & Nephrim
    [Base Class] Dovahkiin
    [Base Class] Pyromancer
    [Base Class]Otaku
    [Base Class] Bio-Sculptor
    [Base Class] Spell Savant
    [Base Class] Spellweaver
    [Base Class] Energy Weaver
    [Base Class] The Familiar
    [Base Class] Pantologist
    [Base Class] The Entity
    [Base Class] Death Knight
    [Base Class] The Judicar
    [Base Class] The Combatant
    [Base Class] Transient Psyche
    [Base Class] Mind Puppeteer
    [Base Class] Mind Forger
    [Base Class] The Esoteric Augur
    [Base Class] Student of the Weird
    [Base Class] Polymath
    [Base Class] The Everyman
    [Prestige] Spellcore Adept
    [Prestige] Necrotic Disciple
    [Prestige] Vampire Wanna-be
    [Prestige] Santa
    [Prestige] Pilgrim
    [Prestige] Pumpkin King
    [Prestige] The Stereotype
    [Prestige] Stereotypical Wizard
    [Prestige] Heartbreaker


    Character Options
    [Templates] Pyrotemplates: Awakened, Bishonen, and more.
    [Templates] Pyrotemplates: Necrotic, Ninjas, and more.
    [Bloodlines] Anomaly, Exile, and Mahou Shonen
    [Bloodlines] Renowned & Mythblooded
    [Bloodline] Soulbred
    [Feats] Spellcasting and Manifesting Feats
    [Feats] Bladesworn Feats
    [Feats] Mage Feats
    [Feats] Holiday Feats: Christmas
    [Feats] Holiday Feats: New Years
    [Feats] Holiday Feats: Valentines
    [Feats] Holiday Feats: Easter
    [Feats] Holiday Feats: Halloween
    [Feats] Holiday Feats: Thanksgiving
    [Feats] Fighter Feats
    [Feats] Fey Feats
    [Feats] Fell Feats
    [Feats] Feat Mix
    [Feats] Badass Feats
    [Feats] Draconic Feats
    [Feats] Ki Feats
    [Feats] Vampiric Feats
    [Feats] Classy Feats
    [Feats] Reaper Feats
    [Feats] Imaginary Feats
    [ACF + Feat] Corpsecrafted Companion
    [ACFs] ACFs for Beguiler, Druid, Arcane casters, Fighters, and Monks.


    Systems, Tweaks, and Resources
    [Magic System] Metaskills
    [Spellcasting Variant] Recharge Slots
    [Soulmelds] Archetype Soulmelds
    [Project] The Prestidigitation Project
    [Spells] Cantrippin'
    [Hodge-Podge And Whatnot] Races, Classes, Feats, Spells, Its a madhouse- of stuff!
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