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    Infernion stalks around the room. His strange, back bending legs add a powerful grace to his stride. The massive wings are folded tightly against his back as his seven foot tall body continues to pace. The thick red scales are polished and shine brightly in the light.

    Tendrils of smoke peal from the great red nostrils as Infernion thinks. What does Metherna want with me? How could she want anything but to destroy me? For her, to look upon me is to see Infernus! Who are these other creatures, does she wish them all dead? They are quite a powerful lot.

    Infernion stares in turn at each of the others gathered, trying to measure their worth. Infernion's gaze is one of power and hunger. His ruby eyes engage those of each gathered, issuing an unspoken challenge of authority.

    The elemental is powerful no doubt. She is so calm for one of storm.

    The human is quite yet the confidence rolls from him. I would not wish to test myself against that one. I suspect he is the better of any here, with a blade of course Infernion smiles at the though of being able to roast the human alive.

    A Devil Knight! What are They doing here? Why is Metherna allying with the Infernal Ones?

    The woodsman seems out of place in this opulent room. I doubt there are none that can match his skill with the bow and woodcraft though.
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