Tobio nods in agreement before he heads off to class. Tobio takes extra care to get lost in the crowd this time as he doesn't attract the attention of one Kyoshi Jirou. Hopefully he would be lucky enough to avoid him. However if Tobio were lucky he would not have ended up facing Astraphobia alone two times with him getting away both times.

Tobio gets into his first class, Japanese history if you must know, and sits near the middle. Once more students start filing in Tobio hears lots of conversation. Normally he wouldn't pay attention, however he heard his name come up a few more times than he liked to he decided to listen in.

"Did, you hear? My sister at Tokiwadai told me that one of the students there was went on an unusual date."

"Unusual? How so?"

"Well, apparently the girl, Kakamura Mei, has a boyfriend already. And the date was with another boy."

"Eei! Really! So promiscuous girls like that attend Tokiwadai?"

"I guess so, anyways she went on a date with this boy to the movies. An get this, that boy had light blue hair!"

"Light blue hair? You don't mean..."

"Hai! It sounds like Ishida-san is in quite the love triangle."

"Kyaa! This is so juicy!"

Tobio puts his head down in his desk in embarrassment and exasperation as most of the girls in his class start staring at him. He really hated rumors. Once class let out Tobio proceeded to his next classes.

__________________________________________________ ____________

Crocell's day was considerably better than Tobio's. It was actually pretty average. He paid attention to the teacher, and took notes. He had to stay on good terms with the teachers lest he get in trouble again. And some of the teacher here would just love to bust him for something, he knew it!

After classes lunch had rolled around. Deciding that he would rather not have food poisoning today, Crocell heads off campus to Pātisserie Joyeux to get something to eat. Who knows, maybe Kin and Krystal would be there. If not oh well, at least he got to eat some tasty treats!

__________________________________________________ _____________

Ryuji classes let out with him finishing off a problem at the board at the request of the teacher. Mr. Sakisaka was a pleasant enough teacher, but was constantly hard on Ryuji in order to make sure that he didn't become to full of himself and crash. It was nice of him to care so much, but it could really grate on Ryuji's nerves sometimes.

At lunch time Ryuji decides to head into the central area of the school garden to have lunch. He takes out his packed lunch of his leftover food from last night to eat. After a filling meal he takes his violin out of its case. Seeing as he has sometime left before he has to go back to class he starts playing a slow song full of romance for all passing ears to hear.