Ewin stands in the corner of the opulent waiting room, reflecting how he got to be at this place.
His black eyes move slowly as his thoughts go back to the day when he received the letter.
He hadn't been in Waterdeep for more than a month, when a messenger handed him the note - apparently handwritten by the dragon queen - requesting his presence. This was surprising, as he had tried not to call too much attention upon him. As far as this was possible for a tiefling at least.
So what makes the dragon take interest in my fate?
Maybe she knows about the events along the dragon coast..

He shakes his head slightly, realizing that this train of thought would lead nowhere.

The other figures waiting with him were more interesting anyways.

A most diverse collection of creatures, the tiefling thought to himself.
An apparently foul-mouthed human, almost as heavily armed as himself.
An elf woman that appeared to be still young - although Ewin was never good in estimating the age of fey creatures.
And a dragonborn, whose scales had a similar tone as his own skin, only more vibrant, was walking up and down the room, seizing up the rest of the visitors.
Red scales? Does the silver dragon try to form an alliance with Infernus? Is that how she knows about me? Ewin's thoughts became clouded with suspicion. He would have to keep a good eye on this one.


The word that broke the silence also disrupted Ewin's growing paranoia. A blue-skinned figure entered the room, a genasi, as the soldier remembered.
Somehow I've got the feeling that there is something big going on here..
He nods towards the genasi, but does not speak.
He doesn't know what is going on, and he sure as hell won't ask.
And so he waits.
Because whatever a dragon has to say.. it almost always is worth listening to.