She looked at the man with new horror. She didn't want to hear this. She didn't want to be told this terrible story, didn't want it to ring, click with something inside of her.

"I don' wanna heal you... 'cause you're a bad person! Bad people shouldn't get stuff, they should be locked away! But you... you weren't always a bad person, so I don' know anymore..."

She stared, downcast, looking for something, some reason to heal him.

"But if I don't do it... I won't get to see oniichan and oneechan again, right? I'll jus' be... locked up in here, 'till I die or you get tired of me."

She teared up, wrapping her arms around her legs, and said with a small sniffle, "I don't... I don't wanna die in here. I don't wanna die in here ever. But you... you hurt oniichan! You hurt him, and you prolly hurt oneechan too! They were just tryin' to prote... proct... help me! Why'd you do it, if you just wanted me to help you!? I would've done it, just because of your story! You didn't have to... you didn't have to..."

The girl started sobbing uncontrollably, and didn't finish her sentence.


The clone stared at the ground, his fingers slipping over the wetness of the tears in abject fascination, his mind running through possibilities and reasons that he would ever cry, that he would have any reason to. He was a clone, and he was his Master's. That was what the Original had said, and the Original wouldn't lie, would he? He never lied, not if he could help it. He liked to watch people struggle with themselves over the truth, then finally accept it.

Hajime was, different, in a way. He was a different sort of clone, because he had never been designed not to have emotions. He was designed for living, and that had been taken away.

"...Even if she's already dead... we can't just leave her there, can we Master? It wouldn't be right to just leave her to die."

He looked at his hands, and sighed, a touch of bitterness in his usually blank voice.

"Master, do you have a plan? If so, shall we carry it out? I do not wish to sit here doing... nothing, for any longer."