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    The servant calls for Mai-Sal, and she then follow him. He leads you to a room that makes the rest of the kingdom look like a hovel. It is a glorious room full of paintings, tapestries, statues, suits of armor, and other glorious, and shiny, things. It is a great hall, and at the back, center of it you see a throne that is, of course, a wonder to behold. In said throne, you see one of the most beautiful women you have ever seen, in a robe of silk cloth. She has hair blacker than anything you have ever seen, with eyes that seem to shine in the light, much as a shined silver necklace would. Arnold leaves the chamber with a bow, and the Queen just stares into you. She stares at you for along while and says, "Should I be worried about the apprentice of my *ahem* ally?
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