Lastly, Arnold walks in and calls, Mr. Hook, you are summoned." He leads you to a room that makes the rest of the kingdom look like a hovel. It is a glorious room full of paintings, tapestries, statues, suits of armor, and other glorious, and shiny, things. It is a great hall, and at the back, center of it you see a throne that is, of course, a wonder to behold. In said throne, you see one of the most beautiful women you have ever seen, in a robe of silk cloth. She has hair blacker than anything you have ever seen, with eyes that seem to shine in the light, much as a shined silver necklace would. Arnold leaves and Metherna looks hard into Lucius' eyes. Normally the proud warrior wouldn't turn his gaze from anything, but there is only so much eye contact you can have with a Dragon before you must look away. Once Lucius glances away for a second, the Queen speaks. "You are a brave and worthy fighter, Lucius. As you put you are the toughest mother ****** in the lands. This party will need that pride and fortitude in its quest."