As he enters the great hall, Ewin's eyes widen a bit at the opulent decoration.
He moves towards the throne, standing at attention at a reasonable distance, and gives a slight bow.
The woman sitting on the throne surely could be no other than Metherna herself.
Dragons were known for their ability to change their shape, but even Ewin had to admit that this one definitely had a good taste.
Not that he would ever comment on this.
A black eyebrow raises slightly as the dragon looks at him, and he could almost feel her judging his appearance.

"Likewise", he answers. Remembering a certain amount of civility, he quickly adds:

After a short pause, he continues, holding up the letter in his right hand:
"But let me ask - what is the purpose of this invitation?
I assume there is a problem that needs solving, and by the look of those outside, you seem to expect less-than-friendly circumstances.
But why me, and why brief us separately?"