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if memory serves, we're allowed to bring in non-dnd stuff
Oh, yes please. D&D may be the biggest demographic, but any game is fair game. Just please elaborate if it is an obscure game or setting.

and I don't recall seeing this mentioend (though I'm sure it has been)

*** I am not to base Shadowrun Characters on Team Fortress 2 characters...

((apparently it traumatizes my players.))
* If my character's best weapons are a crowbar and a ranged object manipulator, I am doing things wrong.
** If my character only has the ability to teleport and fall from arbitrary heights, I am doing things wrong.
* Being a mute is a privilege, not a right.
** I am not allowed to give my character a snarky animal sidekick just so I can participate in conversations while playing a mute.
*** If my formerly mute character has been tortured for several years, his first words should be plot significant. "Cheese" does not cut it.
*Being a cheerleader is likewise a privilege, not a right.
** I may not use a rod of wonder on my enemies in the hopes that they will turn blue.
*** Nor may I give them hair styling tips.
**** Nor funky fresh flying cars.
***** Nasty scars are fine.
** If my involves rapping, I had better be playing a bard.