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    Mai sat patiently, containing her mild annoyance at having to wait for her turn, and when it finally came she ambled into the great hall, trying to take in the magnificent sights in what few fleeting moments she had--the most magnificent of all of course being the queen seated upon her throne. Mai bowed before her respectfully and awaited what Metherna would say, but when nothing but an intense, searching stare greeted her Mai could not help but shrink a bit. She knows...but of course she knows, she thought to herself, before straightening up after Metherna finally broke the silence.

    "My compliments," the genasi mage responded in as perfect Draconic as her palate could manage, with a respectful nod to her hostess. "Even the most beneficent queens must have their eyes everywhere. I will not pretend I am harmless, Lady Metherna, but I am here at your request and, I should add, under orders from my master to treat you with the fullness of respect I would normally grant her. Is that satisfactory, my lady?" she asks genuinely.
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