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    Quicker than he can seem to react, Metherna flies off her seat, seeming to fly through the air, and lands right in front of Lucius. When she speaks, it is not loud but a whisper. However this whisper carries with it more power than even Lucius has heard from a voice. "You dare speak to a Queen in such a way? Do not think me a meek woman just because I am in a form similar to your own, I could tear you apart in this very throne room before you even blinked, little man. I may be a tolerant and good Queen, but there is only so much even I will take. Now, have a seat, Sir Hook." As she finishes, a servant runs in with a chair and sets it next to Lucius and runs back out again. "I have asked you hear to do some business for myself and Lord Vala. We have found a cult of Asmodeus in the Werewoods and we need someone to take them out for us. An army is too much, and one person is too little. I need a strong group of hearty fighters to go there, and deal with them. However we do not know what they are up to either, so we need this information as well. Once you have it, then you may...dispose of them. You will be paid handsomely for your service as well. If you do not with to accept this quest from a King and Queen, then so be it," Metherna then turns around and looks at Lucius and he sees silver flames in her eyes and thinks he might have seen some smoke come from her nostrils, ",but if you ever talk to me in such a way in my own throne room in my own kingdom, don't expect to leave in more than one piece."
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