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    Smiling a bit more than she ought to because of hearing her native language, the Queen answers Mai in Draconic, "Very nice, no doubt to win my favor, still smiling, but more knowingly this time, "but it is nice to hear none-the-less. No doubt taught to you by my ally in the dessert. But I am glad you came and accept my invitation. As shaky as our alliance is sometimes, Tortia and I do agree on one thing, all-out Evil outside our own fights of Kings and Queens we do not tolerate. There is a cult of Asmodeus in the Werewoods and we need them gone. However we do not know what they are up to either, so we need this information as well. Once you have it, then you may...dispose of them. Can I count on you to help me in this endeavor? Feel free to contact Tortia if need be, I have already explain why I called her apprentice to me as you made the journey over.
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