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    Hearing him trying to explain himself amused Metherna for some reason. She walked up very close to him, circled around him and was quiet for what felt like to Ewin for forever. Finally, the Queen ended her walk around him in front of him and looked him right in the eye, and smiled. "You need not fear me, son of devils. I had no hatred for the Tieflings. And I do know of your exploits, good and bad. I know of your missing family, and that they are the reason you went into his service in the first place, and that you search for them still." She walks back to her throne and sits down. "I am not certain why you still have your powers, but you have done right by these lands by helping people when you can, and that I respect. I need of your services and I think you will agree to my proposal. There is a cult in the Werewoods. Vala and I are not sure as to what, exactly, they are doing but we would like to find out. Your task would be to figure this out and then wipe them out, though remember we need to know what it is they are doing there, and if there are more. Will you do this?" She pauses for a moment, "Oh, and I forgot to mention, the memebers of this cult worship.......Asmodeus." She ends with a knowing look and a one corner of her mouth curled up in a smirk.
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