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    Lucius was indeed intimidated by testing the fair Silver Queens's ire but he displayed no outward sign of fear. Commanded to sit, he did just that and listened to the matter at hand.

    "Well forgive me, my queen," adding a mock bow and clearly learning respect, "But for thirty one years, I've watched family and friends fear the one thing outside these castle walls that could spell doom for us, and it's bigger than my house with teeth and scales. Now you mean well now, I understand, but I know what this..."Spellplague" did to your kind. And a large part of my nation is under your control. You know what they say about absolute power? How long till I'm fighting you, or Vala like we are Ol' Fire and Brimstone? I've learned that it doesn't take evil intention to make a villain."

    Lucius rose from his seat and grabbed the chair.

    "Nevertheless, I'll take the job. Been itching to test the new gear I got and it may as well be on some brittle-boned Devil-lovers. Oh...and the good of the land and all."

    He forcefully handed the chair towards the servant and returned to the room he was originally waiting in.
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