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    The human laughs heartily, "Well... there are other ways to travel between the worlds, of course. But mirror is, by far and away, the most reliable."

    Hatta stands suddenly and heads into the house as he calls back over his shoulder, "Oh dear, I almost forgot... presents!"

    When he returns, he sets down a leather satchel in front of each of you, giggling merrily and skipping around the table in a sort of mad jig. The white rabbit chuckles a bit at this and he shakes his head in mild disbelief. However Enya turns paler, if that was possible to believe, when Jessica asks about who 'he' is. His eyes dart in Hatta's direction, who seems to have not heard the question.

    "The Warlord of the March. He was once a well-respected leader amongst our people; having lead us to many victories during the last wars that came to Dowrenland. He was taken as a hostage and by the time he was rescued... he was forever changed. He was a danger to everyone around him, and so he was sent here, to Untea Island."

    No sooner had the rabbit revealed this information than the Clock Tower let out a low chime that was quite audible. Looking up, you see the giant hourglass at its pinnacle begin to rotate. Enya grasps the hourglass around his neck and lifts it in front of his face. Wide-eyed and terrified, he simply says, "Oh dear."

    Hatta stops mid-dance and collapses to the ground where he stood, screaming in agonizing pain. His arms wrap around his head and his entire body begins to tremble and shake. The human looks up into all of your faces, his eyes blood-shot and beads of sweat forming on his brow.

    "Flee!", he pleads. "Run... now!"

    Hatta doubles over on all fours and before your very eyes, he begins to... change once more. But this time was different than the shifts you have seen in his persona, for now he was going through a physical change. His clothing begins to tear as he starts to grow in size, and he removes his helmet, throwing it away from him absentmindedly.

    The white rabbit quickly grabs his things and begins running in the direction of the hedge maze entrance. He calls out, "This way; all of you! Hurry!"
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