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    Whilst school was never something he truly enjoyed, today was an especially soul-crushingly boring day for Shougo. Ever since...Well, actually, ever since today, people had been avoiding him. While this was normally not too much of a problem for the otherwise reclusive Shougo, after the sixth or seventh time someone had backed off when he so much as got near them, it began to grate on his nerves. It was embarrassing, and Shougo did not like getting embarrassed. Asking the reason why everyone was avoiding him yielded few results, however; he would usually be met with 'You know why,' or 'Isn't it obvious?'-Which, in the wake of his apparently recent amnesia (which he would much rather keep a secret), were not particularly helpful answers.

    Trying hard and failing to stay alert and attentive during a math class that he had fallen woefully behind in, Shougo found himself drifting slowly to sleep. He found himself dreaming about the maintenance of handguns-Saw himself methodically disassembling, cleaning, and-Wait a moment. He didn't recognise that place. Those hands weren't his hands. And he hadn't even seen a real gun before. Where had that dream come from, and why had it been so vivid!?

    Shougo awoke with a gasp, knocking his desk over and suddenly aware of the entire class staring at him. His math teacher, in particular, was looking rather annoyed.

    "Did you have a nice sleep, Nimori? I trust you have studied enough that staying awake in class was merely a formality that you decided to forgo today..."

    He tapped the whiteboard with a ruler, indicating a trigonometry equation that needed to be solved.

    "I hope you don't mind answering this question then..."

    Shougos' face colored-He clearly didn't know the answer to this question and he stammered out an apology to his teacher who sighed, tapped him on the head with his ruler and reminded him of next weeks' test. The school didn't expect much of Nimori Shougo, to be honest-His grades for the most part had been decidedly sub-par.

    The rest of the day continued in much the same manner for the academically poor Shougo, who found himself foundering at questions that his peers had virtually no trouble answering. This was not an unusual occurrence for him; but today...Today was different, and after much thought, Shougo began to piece together why.

    He felt positive about things-There was a quiet little voice at the back of his head that told him that he could accomplish what he had set out to do if he just grit his teeth and worked at it. It told him to believe in himself-Told him his life was valuable and that he was a good person who deserved to be loved. It felt nice to listen to that voice. It was different from the other voices in his head which spoke of the failure of past experiences.

    And he didn't know why he hadn't heard it until now. That voice had been speaking to him for most of his life, he realised with a shock-And only now did he feel empowered to act on it. He could pull himself out of the rut he was in. If what he had heard was true, Daisuke would soon be brought to justice and he would be free. He could do this. He could make something of himself.

    For the first time in his life, Shougo find himself looking at the clock and waiting impatiently for school to end so he could go home, work hard and succeed.

    __________________________________________________ _______________

    Like a certain Ishida Tobio, Kamakura Mei was not having an easy time at school. People were whispering rumours behind her back-Rumours that included said Ishida Tobio. The implications of said whispers sent all the blood rushing to her ears and it was all she could do not to have another panic attack. Her situation was not at all helped by the fact that she had gone home last night and found, to her absolute surprise, a note from Ren apologising for not getting her text earlier attached to a cake (that her father had already taken a slice out of). Mei had gone to bed that night building up the courage to ask Ren out after school was done, but her resolve crumpled after she heard the first rumour no less than two minutes after school had started.

    By lunchtime, Krystal might have noted a tiny girl attempting to hide from her peers. She might have heard of Mei, but even if she hadn't, she'd have known that this girl was not ordinarily the shy sort-Far from it, she was normally one of the loudest and most vocal members of Tokiwadai Middle School.
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