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Tauric's mechanic changes your body configuration (from long to tall or from tall to long), how exactly your appearance changes upon taking it is entirelly up to you. Some people will get the lower body of a horse or a dog or a lion. Others will pick a spider, or a centipede. A snake is entirelly within the bounds of the ability.
Except from the wording of the ability, it doesn't seem to. What it does, is grant or remove the quadruped ability, which from what I've seen is not linked to the tall or long body configurations (which impact one's reach and average height relative to size category).

Anyway, unrelated to the above, I'd suggest a possibility to have the elemental damage from swallow whole be substituted with something other than acid if proper requirements are met (such as being able to deal that element of damage with the bite attack, or having a breath weapon for the chosen element). As an example, I have a player in a game I'm getting ready to run who's playing what is effectively a fire elemental in armour (it's a setting specific race), and is taking swallow whole. I'm houseruling that the character would deal fire rather than acid (as I would think makes sense if you get swallowed by a large suite of armour filled with fire), but I figure that the option to do such might be worth putting in the actual rules for the ability.

Related to the above, I'm curious how the elemental mutations are coming along.