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    Default Cipher's Mummies (Templates)

    I present three Mummy templates
    The Plague-wrapped
    The Dead Haunt
    and The Pharaoh's Chosen

    The Plague-wrapped

    Plague-wrapped are paragons of pollution, savants of sickness, bringers of blight, and enemies of all things clean and pure.

    Creating a Plague-wrapped :
    Plague-wrapped is an acquired template that can be added to any Mummy.
    Plague-wrapped are created by replacing the mummy's wrappings with bandages used on a creature who died while wearing them from a deadly sickness of some sort. The bandages are then soaked in unholy water in an unhallowed area. Once they dry off, the bandages then enchanted using Contagion, Bestow Curse, and Poison spells while remaining in the unhallowed area. During the enchanting process, seven sick children are sacrificed their blood soaks the wrappings.
    The mummy to become Plague-wrapped can now switch its old wrappings of the new, this is mostly ceremony and ritual and the wrappings themselves aren't that important thereafter.

    Level Adjustment (3.X): +12?
    Challenge Rating (Pathfinder): +10?

    Alignment: The mummy gains great intelligence and personal will. A Plague-wrapped's power is inherently evil and the process of imbuing it is a wicked act.
    Plague walkers are always Lawful, or Chaotic evil.

    Hit Dice: All dice change to d12's and gains a bonus d8+cha every third HD.
    Pathfinder: All dice change do d8's, and gains an extra d6+cha every third HD.

    Senses: The Plague-wrapped retains all the senses it had before, and gains the following:

    Taste Test (Su): When sensing a living creature, a plague-wrapped mummy flickers its tongue out as if tasting the air around it. A plague-wrapped mummy notices and locates living creatures within 60 feet, just as if it possessed the blindsight ability. It also senses the strength of their life force automatically, as if it had cast deathwatch. Against a Living creature, it also senses any conditions it suffers from and can identify sex, age, race, and the general class (Martial, Arcane, Divine, Psionic, etc.) of said creature. Any creature sensed this way can always be identified by the plague-wrapped mummy even if the the creature disguised, under an illusion, and shapechanged.

    Speed: Plague-wrapped gain a Burrow speed of 160ft when in sandy areas and 30ft when in stony areas.
    If it already has a burrow speed, they choose which ever burrow speed is better and increase the speed by 20ft.

    Armor Class: Plague-wrapped have +8 natural armor bonus due to tough stony skin under their wrappings.

    Attack: Plague-wrapped have a natural slam attack that deals damage as follows:
    {table=head]size | damage
    Tiny| 1d6
    Small |1d8

    Special Defenses: The Plague-wrapped retains all the base creature's special defenses and gains the following:

    Damage Reduction (Ex): A Plague-wrapped has damage reduction 10/Fire and Adamantine.

    Resistances (Ex)
    A Plague-wrapped has resistance 15 to Cold, Electric, and Sonic damage.

    Turn Immunity(Ex)
    A Plague-wrapped is immune to being turned or rebuked. Any attempt automatically fails.

    Blight Healing (Su): A plague-wrapped mummy that is targeted with a poison, disease, or curse gains 2d6 temporary hit points for each occurrence, to a maximum of double its hit points. These temporary hit points are lost after one hour.

    Resistant to Blows (Ex)
    Plague-wrapped take only half damage from bludgeoning and piercing weapons, as well as falls. Apply this reduction before applying damage reduction.

    Immunity to Spells (Su)
    Plague-wrapped are immune to 2nd and lower spell levels, and have Spell resistance CR+11 against others.

    Special Attacks: The Plague-wrapped retains all the base creature's special attacks and gains or changes the following:

    Decaying Touch (Ex): Whenever a plague-wrapped mummy hits a living target with a slam attack or succeeds on a Grapple check, the target decays rapidly. The creature takes 1d6 points of desiccation damage and becomes one age category older. A successful Reflex save (10 + 1/2 creature's HD + charisma modifier), halves the damage and negates the aging effect. Any hasted creature that fails its save becomes two age categories older instead. If a venerable creature fails its save, it must succeed on another Reflex save (10 + 1/2 creature's HD + charisma modifier) or die. A creature that is aged to death shrivels away into sand and dust that blow away into nothing at the first wind. Only a wish or miracle spell can restore a creature aged to death by a plague-wrapped mummy's decaying touch ability.

    Spellcasting (Sp)
    A Plague-wrapped can cast the following spells as spell-like abilities. It can use spells from each level a number of times per day equal to 3+ its charisma modifier.
    0—detect magic, guidance, read magic, resistance, virtue;
    1st—bane, command, deathwatch, doom;
    2nd—bull’s strength, death knell, silence, spiritual weapon;
    3rd—animate dead, dispel magic, invisibility purge;
    4th—air walk, dismissal, giant vermin, spell immunity;
    5th—insect plague, slay living, symbol of pain.

    Aura of Disease (Su): A plague-wrapped mummy has a 30-foot aura of sickness and disease. Any creature that enters its aura, is subject to the contagion spell. A successful save (DC 10 + 1/2 the plague-wrapped mummy's HD + charisma modifier), negates the illness.

    Abilities: The Plague-wrapped's ability scores increase as follows:
    Str +8, Dex +4, Int +2, Wis +2, Cha +4.

    Skills: A Plague-wrapped receives a +10 racial bonus on Perception checks.

    Environment: any, usually same as the base creature.

    Organization: solitary, or with a pack of 2-5 other mummies.

    Treasure: triple standard.

    The Dead Haunt

    Dead Haunt's are silent stalkers that are fully wrapped in bandages leaving no part of their body uncovered. Their bodies appear to be fully formed and not decrepit, and they don't smell dead at all. Their wrappings seem completely bonded with their flesh however, like a second layer of skin, and doesn't seem possible to remove.

    Creating a Dead Haunt:
    Dead Haunt is an acquired template and can be applied to any humanoid, outsider, or monstrous humanoid. It can also be applied to any such creature that is already undead through template or other means.
    The creature must be sentient or was sentient at one time.

    To create a Dead Haunt, the creature must be without clothing, nude and covered in special oils costing 500gp, she then must lay down on an alter of bones coated with gold. She is then stabbed through the heart with a flawless diamond shaped to have a sharp point. The diamond is left embedded in its heart. This must be done while she is living and be the cause of death.
    The body is then wrapped as tightly as possible with silk bandages after the blood is cleaned away and the wound is stitched back up. The area in which this takes place be considered holy or unholy.
    The oils prevent the body from decaying at all and prevent it from smelling dead, allowing it to sit on the alter for 3 days. After the 3 days, the body must be moved into a coffin made of Ivory and buried in a tomb for 3 more days.
    Six days now, the body is retrieved and taken from the coffin to be stood up in front of the alter where those of the religion the alter belongs to carry out a day of religious ceremony and feasting from the moment the body is stood in front of the alter onward...
    During this time the body slowly comes back to awareness and its soul awakens within, bit by bit its awareness creeps and it starts to hear the sounds of the ceremony, it hears the prayers or the religious, and these sounds help usher the body into awakening. 24 hours after the ceremonies start, on the seventh day of its transformation, the creature awakens, stumbling from the ivory coffin out away. It may even fall as it does so. It waits there for a moment, feeling its muscles that have been dead for so long. Soon though, it rises with confidence and reverence spreads about the ceremony. The creature is now a Dead Haunt.

    Level Adjustment (3.X): +?
    Challenge Rating (Pathfinder): +?

    Alignment: Dead Haunts can be of any alignment acceptable by the religion that created it. A good aligned Dead Haunt is considered a good action, and an evil Dead Haunt is considered an evil action. Neutral Dead Haunts are neutral actions.
    If the creature was originally evil but is created as a good Dead Haunt, the action is especially good and the creature becomes good without save. Vice versa for good creatures made evil.

    Hit Dice: Dead Haunts replace all hit dice with maximized d12's and adds its charisma modifier in place of constitution at each level.

    Senses: Dead Haunts have blindsight out to one mile. This blindsight is based on Sound, Touch, Taste, and Smell. Effectively, it perceives everything within one mile with perfect clarity.
    Despite the bandages completely covering them (Yet their hair seems to grow through the wrappings, oddly) the Dead Haunt's senses seem to extend to the wrappings, they see as though their eyes are uncovered and they are completely unaffected by darkness as with the See in Dark ability of most demons or devils, and they are unaffected by concealment gained from Fog Clouds or Obscuring Mists or similar effects.
    Dead Haunts automatically know the race and gender of anyone in one mile, as well as having a life sense and can tell how close a creature is to death and what ever ailments are upon them.

    Detect Thoughts (Su): Dead Haunts constantly detect the surface thoughts of anyone within the 1 mile range. The targets cannot sense if their thoughts are being penetrated, but still get a will save DC = 10 + Dead Haunt's charisma modifier + the dead haunt's full HD. If they succeed, their minds are simply not read and they are none the wiser.
    A Dead Haunt can use Probe Thoughts at will on anyone that is effected by Detect Thoughts.

    Speed: Dead Haunt's base land speed increases to 120ft. They gain the ability to walk through walls as though they were ethereal.

    Armor Class: Dead Haunt's gain a deflection bonus to AC equal to their charisma modifier. Dead Haunts gain a Natural Armor bonus equal to their wisdom modifier, this natural armor stems from being somewhat ghosty and weapons tend to pass through them with less effect.

    Type and Subtype: Dead Haunts gain the Undead type and Nightshade subtype but with changes as follows:
    Nightshades have the following traits rather then what is listed.

    Evil Dead Haunts: Desecrating Aura (Su): All nightshades have a 30-foot- radius emanation equivalent to a desecrate spell centered on a shrine of evil power. Undead within this radius (including the nightshade when applicable): gain a +2 profane bonus on attack and damage rolls and saving throws, as well as +2 hit points per die, and the save DC of channeled negative energy or rebuking attempts is increased by +6. This aura can be negated by dispel evil, but a nightshade can reactivate it on its turn as a free action. A desecrating aura suppresses and is suppressed by consecrate or hallow; both effects are negated within any overlapping area of effect.
    Good Dead Haunts: Consecrating Aura (Su): All nightshades have a 30-foot- radius emanation equivalent to a consecrate spell centered on a shrine of holy power. Undead within this radius (including the nightshade when applicable): gain a +2 sacred bonus on attack and damage rolls and saving throws, as well as +2 hit points per die, and the save DC of channeled positive energy or turning attempts is increased by +6. This aura can be negated by dispel good, but a nightshade can reactivate it on its turn as a free action. A consecrating aura suppresses and is suppressed by desecrate or unhallow; both effects are negated within any overlapping area of effect.
    Neutral Dead Haunts can choose to have a desecrating or consecrating aura.
    Channel Energy / Turn-Rebuke (Su): A nightshade can channel positive/negative or can turn/rebuke energy depending on its alignment as a cleric equal to its HD +3
    Darksense (Ex): Nightshades gain true seeing in dim light and darkness.
    Summon (Sp): Nightshades can summon undead creatures. They can be summoned only within areas of darkness, and summoned undead cannot create spawn. The exact type and number of undead they can summon vary according to the nightshade in question, as detailed in each nightshade’s entry (Dead Haunt's summon is shown later).

    Special Defenses: Dead Haunts retain all special defenses of the base creature but gain the following:

    Damage Reduction (Ex): Dead Haunts have damage reduction equal to their HD +10 /Alignment +5
    Their damage reduction is overcome by a weapon of opposing moral alignment (Good/evil) that is also a +5 weapon.

    Spell Resistance (Su): Dead Haunts have spell resistance that only applies to harmful effects, but not beneficial ones such as buffs or healing.
    Spell resistance is equal to their HD +15.

    Cloaking (Su): A Dead Haunt can cloak itself, causing its form to disappear.
    1-6 HD this provides a +20 to Hide and provides a 20% miss chance.
    7-11 HD this provides Greater Invisibility.
    12-20 HD this acts as being Ethereal when beneficial.

    Silence (Su): A Dead Haunt never makes any noise whatsoever from anything it does. A fireball spell cast from a Dead Haunt retains all effects, but does not make noise.
    A Sonic or similar spell still functions as it still does its damage and everything- simply no sound is registered.

    Special Attacks: The dead haunt retains all the base creature's special attacks and gains or changes the following:

    Claim Soul (Su): A dead haunt can claim a soul for its own. The creature becomes bound to the dead haunt and when it dies, its soul goes to the afterlife of the deity who's church created the dead haunt.
    If the soul is already claimed by a deity, the creature itself is compelled to forfeit its normal afterlife and go to the dead haunt's. It needs to succeed on a DC 10 + Cha + 1/2 HD or be Claimed by the dead haunt. Though the souls go to the deity's afterlife, they are claimed by the Dead Haunt for her use and count for beneficial things pertaining to owned souls for BOTH the deity and Dead Haunt.
    This afterlife they are taken to can either be a hellish torment or a paradisaical retreat.

    Consequence (Su): A dead haunt can see all the good or evil deeds a creature has committed and judge them accordingly. An evil dead haunt punishes good deeds and a good dead haunt punishes evil deeds (as determined by its religion). If there are far more good or evil deeds outweighing the punishable deeds, it can instead be rewarded.
    The Reward is a Miracle spell cast for the benefit of the creature, the dead haunt can choose if their wish is worthy or not and whether or not to grant it.
    If they are punished, the dead haunt causes the target to be deprived of all senses and trapped in utter blackness. a Mental link is formed and the creature can see only the Dead Haunt and/or a visage of the deity the dead haunt cooperates with. The creature is wracked with pain that is delivered directly to its soul or mind if it has either or only one of the two. It takes damage equal to the dead haunt's HD in d12s, and is considered helpless while this is in effect. Their constitution drains by 1d4 points and they take 1 negative level each round this is maintained (Swift action to maintain by the dead haunt).

    Special Qualities: The dead haunt retains all the base creature's special qualities and gains the following:

    Fast Healing (Ex): The dead haunt is constantly healing at a rate of HD + 10 HP per round

    Sudden Movement (Su): Dead Haunts can move 1/10th its total speed rounded up instead of 5ft when taking a 5ft step. This movement is considered teleportation, and this special 5ft step can be taken at any time even if its already moved normally or is going to move normally.
    As a move action, a Dead Haunt can teleport to any location it can perceive (such as by its 1 mile radius of sensing).

    Deathless Body (Ex): Whenever a Dead Haunt is destroyed, it becomes ethereal and its teleported to the site in which it was created. If it is unavailable, it teleports to the site where its mortal self was birthed/hatched or otherwise brought into existence. It remains ethereal and helpless, locked in its dreams for 1d12 weeks.
    A Miracle spell cast from the leader of a religious order of a deity with at least 1 million followers while the order itself has at least a thousand members, can permanently destroy the Dead Haunt- who is destroyed and resurrected back in her mortal body somewhere else entirely, perhaps in a new plane even, without memory of her time as a dead haunt.

    Abilities: The dead haunt's ability scores increase as follows:
    Str +10, Dex +8, Int +4, Wis +4, Cha +8.

    Skills: A dead haunt receives a +20 racial bonus on Perception, Sense Motive and Stealth checks.

    Environment: any, usually same as the base creature.

    Organization: solitary, potentially with many followers.

    Treasure: triple standard.

    Pharaoh's Chosen
    Pharaoh's Chosen are courtesans, wives, daughters, or perhaps someone the pharaoh thought pretty and wanted her for eternity.
    They are people chosen to spend the rest of eternity with the pharaoh in his afterlife. However, sometimes things go wrong, sometimes they aren't accepted into the afterlife, sometimes they're simply exiled from the afterlife or rebelled even in death against the forced sacrifice for the pharaoh. Whatever the reason, these are the Pharaoh's Chosen who are not any longer trapped in the afterlife and their willpower brings them back into the land of the living.

    Creating a Pharaoh's Chosen:
    Pharaoh's Chosen is an acquired template that can be applied to any living, sentient creature.
    To become a Pharaoh's Chosen the creature must be attractive or related to a ruler of some sort, which despite the name does not need to be a Pharaoh but any ruler with the influence to command and enforce their creation and obtain the resources necessary.
    The ruler chooses who he wants to be buried with him when he dies, to accompany him to the afterlife and for eternity. They have no say in the matter.
    They are held captive for several weeks while ceremonies are prepared during which time they are schooled on how best to take care of their pharaoh before being ritualistically sacrificed with a golden dagger.
    Their bodies are then collected by the priests and taken to be wrapped with soft silken bandages after being cleaned of the blood, organs removed, and blessed a few times.

    The bodies are then taken with the Pharaoh's to be buried in a Pyramid or similar tomb of kings the ruler is to be buried in.

    They become ghosts trapped in the afterlife with the pharaoh. How they escape varies from chosen to chosen, but when they return to the land of the living their body merges with their soul again. They rise in a barren tomb separate from the pharaoh's resting place but within the same complex.

    Level Adjustment (3.X): +?
    Challenge Rating (Pathfinder): +?

    Type and Subtype: Pharaoh’s chosen are Undead creatures that count as either undead or living whenever beneficial, but count as neither when it would be unfavorable. This includes being immune to Turn/Rebukes or similar abilities.

    Hit Dice and Hit Points: Change all Hit Dice to d12s and recalculate hit points.

    Alignment: As base creature.

    Senses: A pharaoh’s chosen retains all senses it had in life and can now see through darkness, even magical darkness, as if it wasn't there.

    Speed: A pharaoh’s chosen retains all modes of speed it had in life. It gains a +40ft increase to each of them. A pharaoh’s chosen may move 10 feet when taking a 5-foot step.

    Armor Class: A pharaoh’s chosen retain has a Deflection bonus to AC, which is equal to her charisma modifier.

    Special Abilities: A pharaoh’s chosen retains all the base creature's special abilities and gains the following:

    • Damage Reduction (Su): A pharaoh’s chosen gains DR 20/-.
    • Dual Nature (Ex) A pharaoh’s chosen count as undead or living whenever beneficial. This includes against both positive and negative energy. Chosen are healed by both.
    • Immunity to Sonic, Fire and Cold (Ex): A pharaoh’s chosen is immune to sonic, fire and cold damage.
    • Immortality (Ex): A pharaoh’s chosen never ages. She gains the benefits but not penalties for aging. She also gains fast healing equal to her charisma modifier. If she would be reduced to 0 hp, this fast healing becomes regeneration instead that is only overcome by Electricity damage or by gold weapons that are aligned to an alignment opposite of the chosen's moral alignment. It remains as regeneration until the chosen is fully healed again.
    If the chosen is ever killed, she rises again in 1d12 days in her tomb. If she in unable to return to her tomb, she is reincarnated.
    • Locked (Ex): A pharaoh’s chosen cannot wear anything but the bandages she was wrapped by the priests at the time of her death. However, she can still wear adornments and jewelry. She can also wield staffs and weapons just the same. In return, a pharaoh’s chosen gain all the benefits of having the Vow of Poverty feat. Her wrappings are always clean; dirt, blood, and grime do not stick to them. She carries no scent of decay. While a pharaoh’s chosen can remove her wrappings, this leaves her naked and vulnerable.
    • Pleasing Form (Su): As a standard action, a pharaoh’s chosen can attempt to change the attitude of all enemies within a 30-foot range with no enemy being more than 10 feet apart. The enemy must succeed on a Will save or find his attitude improves by 2-steps toward the pharaoh’s chosen.
    • Resistances (Ex): A pharaoh’s chosen has resistance 15 to acid and electric damage.
    • Tomb (Su): A pharaoh's chosen has a unique tomb which manifests itself when the pharaoh's chosen escapes the afterlife she was held in. It is usually within the same location as the pharaoh's tomb she was originally buried in, though if significant time has passed it can appear nearly anywhere.
    The tomb is a simple 60x60ft square room of stone with a single 10ftx100ft corridor branching off on the sides into three other chambers that are 30ftx30ft square rooms. The tomb is unfurnished except by a single stone sarcophagus against the far wall of the main chamber. The entrance to the tomb is always well hidden and often blends in with it's surroundings. There are three types of entrances; A stone disk covering a hole on the just wide enough for a medium sized creature to enter, climbing down series of stone slots acting as a ladder until you hit tomb. Stairway to heaven: an inconspicuous hole above your head in a cave or dungeon. Cleverly disguised cracks in the wall can be used to climb up to the opening, thus entering the tomb. Or the standard set of stone doors, usually hidden.
    This tomb serves as the pharaoh's chosen's resurrection point (See Immortality). A pharaoh's chosen can be barred resurrection by finding her tomb and destroying the sarcophagus. The sarcophagus can be recreated by an expert stonemason and enchanted using the raise dead spell with some expensive oils, amounting to 10,000gp. The chosen starts with only one, but can make more. The maximum number of sarcophagi that can be in service is equal to 1/4th her HD. Extras do not function if created while her limit is met.

    Special Attacks: The chosen retains all the base creature's special attacks and gains or changes the following:

    • Dominate (Sp): By looking into the eyes of a target within 60 feet, the pharaoh’s chosen can dominate a target as the dominate monster spell. The Creatures effected by her Pleasing Form ability take a -5 penalty to their save against this effect. Creatures who are effected but also rolled a 1 take a -10 penalty to their save. This lasts for 1 week/level instead of 1 day/level.
    Geas/Quest (Su): Once per day, A pharaoh’s chosen can put anyone she has dominated under the effects of geas/quest without a save. The geas/quest lasts even after her domination effect wears off.

    Abilities: The chosen's ability scores increase as follows:
    Str +2, Dex +10, Int +2, Wis +2, Cha +12.

    Skills: A pharaoh’s chosen receives a +10 racial bonus on Bluff, Perception, Perform (Any two), and Profession (Any two), Sense Motive and Stealth checks.

    Environment: any, usually same as the base creature.

    Organization: solitary, pair (rare).

    Treasure: double standard.
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