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"Prerequisite: Any natural weapon.
Ability Score: None
Benefit: The evolutionist chooses one of his natural weapons and increases its threat range or its critical multiplier by one. No single natural weapon can have a critical range higher than 18-20 or a multiplier higher than x4. The effects of this mutation do not stack with the Keen enchantment or the Improved Critical feat.
Further Mutations: -"

I'm confused is this capable of being taken multiple times or not? And if so on the same weapon? For example base natural attacks are generally 20/x2 could you say take it 4 times and end up with 18-20/x4?
Further Mutations: What the character gains from taking the mutation more times and how many times the mutation can be taken, if it has any unusual limits. If this entry is left empty, the mutationís basic benefit is received once more (stacking with itself) whenever the mutation is taken.
So yes, it can be taken multiple times.

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Having checked those pages, there doesn't seem to be any reference to tall or long in relation to the entries on speed discussing bipeds and quadruped, still that does seem to fit better for the teratomorph.
Like I said, tacitly. Either way, a simple clarification was made.

Well, I'd offer my services on helping with the wording if you would care to make use of them.
The teratomorph is based on the elemental's ability to change into vortexes/whirlwinds and the issue is mostly with me trying to decide on details, nothing much. The perfection i am just banging my head for an idea.

As a side note, something I noticed seems to be unmentioned on this version of the evolutionist that I vaguely recall having been explicitly stated previously (likely on an older version though I may have been imagining things). Would be the issue of how mutations that need to be applied to specific things interact with the limit on how many times a given mutation may be taken. For example, if the evolutionist has two natural attacks and an elemental resistance, would it be able to have it twice on each natural attack at level 4, or would the limit on once per 2 levels apply across all natural attack it would be applied to? At present, it would seem to be the latter, though I could see arguments made for the former.

I also noticed there are some typos in the "Changing sizes and you" sidebar, specifically in the form of some missing 't's.

Each individual mutation has a single 'pool' of number of times it can be taken. These uses are split across all possible iterations he could take of that mutation. A 4th level evolutionist can take Elemental Attack twice, total, across all natural weapons and all damage types. This could be +1d6 to bite and +1d6 to claws or +2d6 to claws. Or +2d6 to four tentacles, for a serious energy damage build.

Height and length have been fixed.

Also, there is a new mutation in Extraordinaire. An expansion for bite attacks, Mutilate.