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Well in any event I look forward to it. Sounds like it will be an interesting set of abilities.

Though now that I look over the class again, I notice that creatures of a given type can't take the feat to gain mutations for that type. I'd thought there was something stating that having the type allowed you to take those mutations without the feat, but I can't seem to find any mention of that. Would this mean that a construct, for example, can't ever take construct mutations?
You know how there is a line to that effect in both undead and plant? I dropped the ball on that one. The line has been added to construct.

Also missing the 't' in "height" on the first line. I'd also forgotten to mention it in my last post, but size down doesn't show any adjustment to natural armour, though the note below suggests that it would reduce it. There is also an empty column in the table making it seem that it may be inadvertently blank.

Size down used to have a NA down entry, but I removed it because it caused an odd interaction where the optimal thing to do was to just get as small as you wanted before starting to get any NA mutations. So I just took that entry off. And left an empty extra column in the table by accident. Oh well.