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For the mutations that have Further Mutations left blank, what's the cap on how many times they can be taken? Is it unlimited? That seems like it could get out of hand.
While there are a number of silly things that I have overlooked, mostly in writing or clarity. I have not missed basic balance functionality.

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Mutations are split into six groups: Basic, Innate, Extraordinaire, Supernatural, Spell-like and Psi-like. All evolutionists have access to these mutations. In addition to these, there are a number of special lists of mutations accessible only to evolutionists of specific creature types or who take specific feats.
Unless otherwise noted, a character can only take the same mutation up to a number of times equal to his mutator level. A character’s mutator level is equal to the sum of his levels in mutation-granting classes plus any racial hit dice or levels in racial paragon classes he might have. Mutator level also determines the power of some mutations, and whenever a mutation allows a save, the DC is 10 + half the character’s mutator level + relevant ability modifier (see the specific mutation for this).