Second page again? For shame.

I can fix this with science! Or another snippet. Y'know, whatever works.

Foul play, sir!


*Several pages have been torn out of the journal*

The portals led to a mansion, wherein a number of people have been invited to search for one million dollars. But even Elle thinks that's fishy, and that sense is confirmed by the fact that we are locked in until someone finds it.

After meeting the seven others in the mansion, we started moving though the mansion. A man named Willum approached me-to make an alliance, I thought-but left in disgust when I said I didn't care about the money. We had other concerns, though. Kaldrig collapsed, and we couldn't wake him. And of course, he was the only one of us with any skill at healing.

And then we heard a scream. One of the two women had come across a body-that of a wanderer that someone mentioned had been a soldier. I ended up being blamed-Willum had stolen my journal and handed it to someone else to read. These people don't believe in magic, which is strange to me. Each of them has some form of magic item on them, but portals to other realms are beyond their belief? Later, I took a closer look at my journal and found he had written in another section. And somehow, the want-to-be investigator thought it had been my writing. Honestly. It should have been obvious by then, but I didn't see the addition until later.

So it went. The infuriating man decided that we would go in groups-and split up our party. Despite the fact that the murderer used a knife and none of us have one. The fool.

The only real surprise left was Kaldrig-he became a zombie while we weren't looking. Somehow. He attacked the man Elle and Kol were with, and they shot him down.

So in the end, the killer took one more person by surprise...but then that fool detective noticed that the knife had been cleaned on the corpse. Willum being the only one with a knife and no alibi, attacked and was captured. Time stopped, and we left. We split up-Elle and Logrim went to make sure Anderson was ready to go, while Kol and I brought down the tower, taking a satchel that was left with the pedestal.

Wait a minute. How did Willum know I had a journal with me? Maybe I should have asked...