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    Default Ghostly Long Grass Club- A Touhoumon Nuzlocke

    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the annual Loli Cockfighting Championships yet another Let's Play I'm going to attempt! I promise I'll try not to let this one die.1

    Almost all of you will have heard of Pokémon. Some of you will have heard of Touhou. And a a fair few of you will have heard of Rule ⑨ of the internet. "If it exists, it has a crossover with Touhou." And this most definitely applies to Pokémon-so much that there is at least one site where one coder hosts three different versions. This particular Let's Play will make use of Touhoumon Merry, or Aqua+Yui, which is more-or-less a faithful Touhou re-write of Pokémon FireRed. And just because I thought it'd be something cool to try, I'll be using (a variant) of the ever-popular Nuzlocke Rules, which are as follows.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nuzlocke Rules
    1. I will only be allowed to catch the first Touhoumon I encounter in a given route, cave etc.
    1A. If I have already caught the first Touhoumon I encounter on a route, I skip it.
    1B. If I accidentally kill the Touhoumon in question or run out of Touhou Balls, I can try again with the next encounter. I'm not about to lose out on a catch because I'm too poor or the RNG decides to hate me, but I promise not to misuse this clause to pick my catches-I must always at least attempt to catch the first encounter.
    1C. Rule 1 is temporarily revoked if I do not have any Touhoumon capable of learning a HM I need to advance.
    2. Any Touhoumon that faints is permanently boxed, and considered dead from a narrative standpoint.
    3. Everything gets a nickname. I may (read: almost certainly) turn to audience suggestions for nicknames, because I'm not good at pop culture.
    Now, with that out of the way, I'll allow the audience to vote on whether our protagonist is male or female tomboyish or ladylike2 and their name. What? It's a Touhou game. Keeping in mind that the "male" protagonist and the rival use the same sprite, so...

    1: I can't guarantee I won't pull a Teutoberg Forest3 on this one, but I'll try and get back to it eventually in that case.
    2: Respectively, in that pic. Their actual names are Renko Usami and Maribel Hearn, if you're interested. Also Maribel's dress isn't that low-cut in-game, perverts.
    3: Getting depressed after a particularly horrible loss and giving up on it. It's a historical in-joke. Caesar Augustus supposedly started banging his head against a wall after that one.

    Now, all that said, I'll let you folks get started.
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