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    You all head into the maze, on the heels of Enya. As Skrib is leaving, his looks back at poor Hatta and with his arcanely-enhanced vision he sees magic forming around his whole body, particularly around both of his hands. It appears that the forces around his hands are forming into a spear and shield. More interestingly, however, the bard notices a strand of magic extending from Hatta now-changing head. The rope-like connection trails off into the distance... in the direction of the Clock Tower and appears to, in fact, be directly connected to the hour glass itself.

    Skrib hears a crashing noise and looks up to see a large hulk of a creature turning over the table. Hatta is nowhere to be found and appears to have been replaced with the beast, who is now turning his nose in the direction of the vacating party.


    The beast roars and turns.

    Inside the maze, you find that the hedges contain a multitude of brambles and thorns. The plants are so dense that you are fairly certain that even a bird or squirrel would have difficulty passing through them. Enya is every bit as fast as the albino halfling was and there are several times when you nearly lose him. But just when you think you will be lost in this place, with whatever made that terrible roar, you find him waiting just up ahead at a crucial turn beckoning for you to hurry.

    "This way, this way!"
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