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    Default Re: Ghostly Long Grass Club- A Touhoumon Nuzlocke

    Quote Originally Posted by Illven View Post
    Well I've never seen Touhou but nuzlockes must be encourged!
    Touhou isn't an anime so much as it is an enormous and insanely productive fanbase clustered around a series of bullet hell shooters. Quite a large portion of the fanbase don't play the games themselves for various reasons-because they're too hard, because they can't find them anywhere, because they just don't know the games are the source of the whole thing.

    Quote Originally Posted by SlyGuyMcFly View Post
    I, um... I can't see any tomboys in the picture. All I see is two ladies. Then again I have no idea who those two characters are. My knowledge of Touhou is severly limited.
    The game literally presents the options "tomboy" and "lady" in place of "male" and "female". I'll admit, I don't know Renko very well, but I'm not dreadfully sure if she is a tomboy or not.

    Quote Originally Posted by SlyGuyMcFly
    I vote for playing the one with the silly hat
    My good man, no Touhou is complete without her hat. Learn that.

    Quote Originally Posted by AlterForm View Post
    Ladylike; call her Ojou-sama if you can fit it. Everyone will be incredibly polite/subservient to you!
    As fun as this would be, I'm going to say no. For one, I can't imagine doing any serious writing for a character whose very name is an anime cliché, and two, there is MYSTERIOUS PLOTTERY AFOOT which will mean our PC will have a serious problem with terms like that. But I think you'll find your choice of name oddly prophetic as far as starters go... Please don't spoil this for those who don't get it.
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    Currently not doing any Let's Plays or AARs or anything, on account of being a lazy git. I'll get around to it eventually. Really.

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