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Zefir's Room

Well there won't be anyone who wants to get out here either way. Zefir has something more worth to hide. Good that all the cams in this room are dead or not working anymore.
There aren't any cameras in members rooms that they didn't place there themselves. So if Zefir put a bunch of cameras in his room and killed them... well good for him I guess.

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Zefir's Door -> Cybil's Room

Cybil opens the door and looks curiously at Ilpholin, "Yes? Am I needed for anything?" She had no idea where Rot had gone and losing the only thing she was supposed to keep check on wasn't exactly ideal.
Cybil's Room

"I wanted to let you know that I wish to go to Riverside soon and meet with your boss. If you need a few minutes to get ready, that's fine." She has to drop by the Biolab real quick and have a gnoll lead Megan to their village. But if Cybil's ready to go now, then now they can go.

[Ilpholin's Office - The Hatteress]

"Would you be capable of training others to use starfighters or is that out of reach?" You'd need to be in space and have some giant starfighter carrier or something to learn those Ilph imagines.