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    Default Re: The better man? There is no such thing [3.5 base class]

    Quote Originally Posted by Faerieheart View Post
    If the evolutionist has more than one natural weapon, he must decide which is the primary and which are the secondary ones upon taking the mutations, that choice can be changed whenever the evolutionist gains new mutations. If the evolutionist has multiple sets of the same natural weapon, only one group (one bite, one pair of claws, etc) can be the primary.
    The evolutionist can have up to one bite and gore per head, one tail, four tentacles, and up to one claw or slam per arm (any combination of these, but no more than one of each per limb), if he chooses to, he may evolve only one claw, tentacle or slam instead of a pair, but each still costs a mutation.
    Further Mutations: Each time this mutation is taken the evolutionist can chose to improve the damage of one group of existing natural weapon by one step or gain a new natural weapon from the table. This mutation can be taken up to once per two mutator levels.

    Is this saying you can increase a natural weapon an additional 9 times if you focus on it up to lvl 20? If so how's that even work? Is this a size increase? If so 9 times isn't even possible by the chart in most cases? I'm just really confused here.

    Or is the 1st bolded line saying one increase is the limit?

    Some clarification would be good, as is we are getting tail attacks for example that can do 12d8 damage if we go as far as the chart can go. Is it going by an altered progression?
    It works exactly like a size increase, or to be even more precise, it works like taking the Improved Natural Weapon feat. And the table that lists increases in the MM (and SRD) is not exhaustive. You can find a more extensive table to that effect in page 28 of the DMG. So if you focused all 10 mutations on tail, you would get 8d6 damage on your tail, with two size increases (or one size increase and one INW feat) you would get up to 12d8 base damage.

    Also, whenever there is a limit on how many times you can take a mutation for any reason, it is made explicit in the further mutations entry.

    Quote Originally Posted by drack View Post
    Hmm, some of my players will be using this (as I may for a monster or two ), so I hope you don't mind if I poke it a bit with a few quetions/observations

    Out of curiosity there are feats granting access to mutations, should it be assumed that these bar them from the others, or are the others still free game?

    When one takes for instance plant Teratomorphisms, then are they locked into those, or can they still use the generic ones at any level?

    Same question for Ascendancy/perfection.

    "Undeadist", Perhaps a Thanatologist?

    Anywho afraid I mostly skimmed, so I can't give an all out critique on every ability, but looks cool sorry if any of these were asked before.
    You will note that the special mutation lists are very, very small. Those are expansions, plain and simple. Taking those feats does not lock you out of the basic list. Taking any of those feats also does not prevent you from taking any of the others.

    And it bears mentioning, while the mutations are found in those lists, they are not inherently tied (appearance-wise) to these types. A warforged with the leaves mutation could very well be sporting solar pannels, for instance.

    Ascendancy/Perfection and teratomorphisms are the same. Taking the feats (or belonging to the right creature type) opens those as options, but you are not forced to take them.

    And those lines under the feats are mostly simple jokes I made. Everyone is an evolutionist.

    Does the check bonus from Powerful Form apply to grapples? Does the one from Nimble Form apply to Initiative? Fairly sure the answer to both would be no, but wanted to confirm.
    Those... Are judgement calls from the DM, I am afraid. The first should usually be no because grapple checks are not strength checks nor strength based skill checks, they are modified attack rolls. The second would usually be yes, because Initiative checks are dexterity checks.
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