[Outside Ilpholin's Office (Split Timeline)]

A tall figure, covered in scales that seem to be made of emerald and smoke-blackened steel, with a face the seems to be a mixture of a human's and a wolf's, with a crocodilian mouth, and a curling nest of wickedly sharp, barbed, horns in place of hair, stands here. Sprouting from their back is a mass of spined tentacles with hooked beaks, and their hands - one of which, unless there's some other obvious method of gaining the attention of the office's occupant, goes to knock on the door - bear long, curved, claws.

Accompanying said figure are what, to a casual observer, appear to be massive, hairless, grey-skinned, humans, in long dark green coats, over crimson suits, though on closer examination, their skin is the wrong texture, more like mud, and their eyes are highly polished pieces of jet.