[Ilpholin's Office - The Hatteress]

"Who is Kohan?"

She doesn't believe Roxanne has brought him up before.

Cybil's Room

"I see no reason to bring him into it." Ilpholin says. Any more than necessary anyways. Rot was missing and that wasn't a good thing for anyone.

Ilpholin's Office - Crocodile Karyna?

The door swings open on its own as Ilpholin sits behind a desk. The room only has two other chairs in it and while they are tail friendly, they might be problematic to back tentacles.

"Come in."

Of course, if this isn't Karyna and her posse, one wonders how they got in the building so easily, without so much as an attempt to walk in the front door.


Megan will get a text back.
Borrow a gnoll from Atlantis and ask it to lead you to their village for the Panthers.