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[Main Room]

Zefir looks at her. mainly annoyed or angry, hard to say. Then he close his eyes and sights.

"You could have told me that you don't have a way."

Ok that doesn't sound true but well Zefir has his reasons.

"Your sugary and your 'magic' doesn't sound like either of them could really help me. I bet that however this change happened there must be someone or something doing the direct opposite. I'm sorry I wasted your time here."
[Main Room]

... Meh? What? That's not what Clarissa thought she had said at all! Maybe something was lost in translation? Humans tend to be so darn finicky about their language, so a slight curl of the tongue where one isn't meant to be could distort the entire message she was attempting to pass on.

"Uh-huh. Listen, I don't mean to seem boastful or pretentious but I can and am willing to fix you, erm, somewhat. You aren't making this a very simple task for anyone in their right mind to accomplish. You offer no genetic base from which to replicate your body. You won't let anyone operate on you to ascertain what your original dna sequences were. You desire a magical panacea to 'cure' you of your 'disease' yet you crassly snub magic users."

"With those faults and condemnations in mind, I'm predisposed to think that you won't find someone who can mend you. After all, if you aren't willing to be healed, who can help you?"

[Ilpholin's Office - The Hatteress]

Woah! Oops! Did Roxanne accidentally let The Hatter's real name slip out of her mouth right there? Really? Uh-oh! She didn't mean to do that!

"Uh, Kohan is The Hatter's real name. It is moniker he prefers to go by in public when not strictly involved in AMEN business. Um, you probably shouldn't mention to him that you know it. He isn't aware of the fact that a handful of people are actually aware of his birth name."