Part One - Trainers Do Their Best Now and are Preparing



Erm... Hi? Ohgodwhatdoeshewantwithme

... I've been living here for sixteen years. Why are you saying this now?
Oak: Look, I'm trying to monologue here. Aren't you supposed to be a silent protagonist anyway? *sigh* Anyway. My name is Samuel Oak.

Oak: This world...

Why are you demonstrating this with the bunny girl?
Oak: Please be quiet.

So... you're a fifty-ish year old man who studies little girls for a living?
Oak: Be quiet. I'm not even asking you anymore.

Why do you want to know my name all of a sudden?
Oak: Be. Quiet.

I just told you that, didn't I?
Oak: Are you deaf or something?
I don't know, are you?

Why do you want to know about my friends all of a sudden?
Oak: Why will you not just shut up and play along?

... She is clearly a girl, professor.
Oak: Look, I didn't program this sequence, will you just give me a break?

I just told you! I just damn well told you! How can you have forgotten already?
Oak: ... Okay. Screw this. Get out.


Let's see... spam, spam, phishing, spam, desperately emotional message from a former lo-spam, reminder that Oak is handing out Touhous today, free hentai douj-Oak is handing out Touhous today!?

Heymomyou'llbecookingdinnerforoneforawhileI'lltrya ndremembertophoneyougoodbye!
Mom: Uh, wha-*door slamming*

In the lab...

Oh. Hi Renko.
Fashionably late as usual, eh?
*sigh* Please don't start. What are you doing here, anyway?
I think you can figure that out. You're a smart girl.
Okay, then where's Oak?
Haven't a clue.
Have you considered looking?
Well, I-*door slamming*


Oak: Do you have any idea how dangerous the wilderness is for a young lady with no way to defend herself?

Do you have any idea how dangerous following around old men is for a young lady with no way to defend herself?
Oak: Don't start this again.

Oh, uh, you found him. Great.
Slow and steady, Renko. Slow and steady.

Oak: ... I'm glad I don't have children.
What's that supposed to mean?
*Is doing her best to look innocent*

We're girls.
Oak: Shut up both of you. Just take a Touhou and leave.

Reimu: *Glare*
Eheh... please don't hurt me.

Marisa: Listen, lady, I know what 'yer expectin, but-
Listen, if I can't trust you with my credit card, I can't trust you to beat people up.

Finally, someone well behaved. I'll take her.

Sakuya: A pleasure to meet you, ojou-sama.
(Taken aback) ... Please don't call me that.
... But you are my mistress, are you not, ojou-sa-
(In desperation... is she frightened?) I ORDER YOU NOT TO CALL ME THAT!
... Very well, ojou-sa-miss Hearn.
T-thank you...

I like the cut of this miko's jib.
Finally, someone who recognizes talent.

Wait what I never agreed to this

Hey, pad-chou!
... That is uncalled for. *cracks knuckles*

Thank Yukari for healing items!
I call bullsh*t!

*massive sigh of relief*
That was entirely undignified. I'll make sure to knock you cold faster next time.

You do that, I'll try and get mine a proportionate head.

One heal later...


Oh crap, a salesman.

Well, I'm sure that will be useful, but wouldn't I notice a store like this without you te-

... Ooh, free stuff!

... Where did you get those knives?
... It's a lot easier for both of us if you don't ask.
Where are you even keeping those-
It is a lot easier for both of us if you do not ask.

Random lady with no understanding of real estate: This is private property!
No, it's a main road.
Random lady: ... Just go away.


As much as he'd like to say no, I do.

... Have you ever heard of a post office?
Clerk: Look, the designers needed some reason to get you to go back to Pallet Town, so can you please just deliver the parcel.
*sigh* Alright, but I expect an employee discount when I get back.

One fetch quest later...

Oak: Get out of my la-
*shoves parcel into Oak's hand* Just take your damn pictures or whatever and let me get on with my life.
Oak: Oh good, my custom Touhou ball. Now get ou-
Hey Oak! I'm here for the notebook!

Oak: ... Well, crap. Alright, here's the scoop; I recently got in some advanced research tools from Tengu Tech, and when I found that I had two left over, I promised myself I'd give them to the first two trainers I gave Touhous to. Now, as much as I wish I wasn't, I'm a man of my word, so just take the Ayanotes and go.

How is this a noteboo-
Oak: Out. Now.

Ow, why did you throw these at m-waaait, I can use these to get more Touhou, right?
Oak: ... Damn, that was the wrong crate.


Okay, let's see he-

Are you my mommy?
... Aww. Why aren't all you girls so precious?
I take it you're going to catch this one, miss Hearn?
I thought you were a maid, not a mind-reader.


OOC Stuff:
Reimu is the generalist starter, with a slight emphasis towards her physical stats and a decent, if somewhat type-limited learnset with good access to defensive and support moves. She-rather wierdly for a starter-is a normal type, picking up flying after evolving, and has a rather nice TM learnset, varying from Psychic to Rock Tomb to Toxic. But really, who uses TMs?

Marisa is the sweeper of the three, built around Special Attack and Speed and boasting a rather varied learnset-Thief, Swift, Thunder Bolt and even Dragon Meteor, just to name a few. (N.B. Dragon Meteor would have been quite useful for Lance, given that there are about two dragon types in the entire game.) On top of that, there are a few versions (this one is not one, I don't think) where she can be evolved into Last Word Marisa, who honestly has a Sp. Atk so high it should be considered a war crime. However, her typing is somewhat unfortunate-pure Electric, picking up Fire type in her final evolution, which, combined with a base HP stat that never goes above 80, makes her a little unsuitable for a Nuzlocke. (Funnily enough though, this gives her a type advantage against both of the other starters.)

Sakuya is the defensive starter-and she does that well, with even her starting form having a base of 60 in both of her defenses and 75 base HP (Umad, Marisa?) and becoming Ice/Steel after evolving. Her initial attack power is kind of a letdown (the fact I beat Renko's starter with ONE HP left attests to that), and she doesn't tank especially well in her early levels (find a Pokemon who does, why don't you...), but I'm not kidding when I say anything without Fire or Fighting type moves will struggle to even make a dent in the Perfect and Elegant Maid after she evolves. And her moveset, although mainly Ice and Steel, packs a few neat tricks... She does start as a pure ice type though, so I may need to evolve her before trying to take on Brock.

First off, let me summarize my thoughts on catching Alice:

I have no clue what the precise encounter rate on Alice is, but it is low. Anyway. Alice is a Special stat... specialist. She presents decent stats across the board (her EX form, for example, has all but two of her base stats between 100 and 90), but her Special Attack and Defence are great. (80 base Sp. Atk in her 1st evolution? Nice.) She is a Psychic type-which is pretty neat this early on, as one or two of Brock's Touhous are packing Fighting/whatever types, and gains an Ice typing after she evolves. At this rate, though, I'll really need something to counter Fire types soon-though from playing Touhoumon Blue, those folks seem kind of rare. I have no idea what her abilities, Doll Wall and Doll Master, do-nor do I know which one she has, seeing as my savestate is set at the nickname screen-and although her learnset seems pretty neat, I don't really know what some of these actually do. (As for Artful Sacrifice, however, I have a very good idea as to what it does...)

And so here we are. I have no idea what to nickname this strapping young lady, so does anyone have any suggestions?