Doll Wall deals a bit of damage to whoever hits CAlice with an attack that makes contact. Doll Master... I'm not sure, but I think it works like Plus and Minus together with Doll, which only a handful of 'mons (Dolls, Shanghai and Hourai) can have, so it's mostly useless. In summary: I really, really hope that yours got Doll Wall. Alice is a wonderful puppet in any case, she'll wreak havoc on half of Brock's team and can handle the other half if needed.

And, unless we're playing different versions of this hack, there are Last Word evolutions. Only problem is that most of them require Sun Stones, and there aren't many of those running around before the post-game. I *think* you can steal them from wild CYukaris (Route 22 IIRC, although quite rare), but I'm not sure. For anyone curious, LMarisa's base special attack is 155. Ouchie.

Be sure to check out for other special evolutions, too. Moon Stone on Sakuya's second stage leads to her Final form, which is even more of a defensive powerhouse and replaces her Ice subtype with Dark. CAlice can get there if by the time of her first evolution her defense is greater than her attack, which leads to another monster wall. Both rock hard.

I'm terrible with nicknames, so I'll leave that for someone else to handle. Also, what, I thought the one who was always late was Renko .