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    Default Re: Ghostly Long Grass Club- A Touhoumon Nuzlocke

    Quote Originally Posted by Cyborg Mage View Post
    Well, Maribel is theorized to be related to Yukari, and what is she well known for again?

    I'm using Touhou Wiki's Touhoudex, by the way, which, although good, doesn't list many branch evolutions besides the Advents. Not really the best to be honest.
    Point .

    I was going to recommend this Touhoudex, which at least is more complete than the Touhou Wiki one (has all the UFO crew listed, for example), but I've found that it also has its share of mistakes, mostly in evolution triggers and such. At least you can check types and stats, since those are accurate as far as I know.

    Related: I'm checking my ROM with YAPE, and apparently Reimu and Marisa evolve to their L forms via Moon Stone, not Sun Stone (which leads to their F forms), while Sakuya works the opposite way (Moon -> FSakuya, Sun -> LSakuya). Confusing . I'd recommend you to grab yourself YAPE from Pokecommunity and check for yourself to avoid future surprises.
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