Day one,
Our characters appear on a strange platform, on it shows a picture of two dragons, one that is happy and cheerful, one that is sad and morning, these two dragons sit back to back. Suspicions of this being like kingdom hearts aside, we start looking around and notice each other.
Now for the cast
Lain- female changeling warlord, former commander of the red cloak empire
Ceil-Male human fighter, A older irish warrior simply looking for a jolly fight.
Rasey- not his actually name mind you but lord knows its long as anything, thats what we call him, thats what it stays, male Vampire... backstory unknown, goal...*sigh* to become a vampire lord.
Vegas, also called V-a crab wildren assassin, so a crab assassin who doubles as a binder. He simply whats to complete some hits off. Lord knows without him we would be nothing.
After we sort of stare suspiciously at each other for a little bit words start appearing out of thin air. Totally not like kingdom hearts.
These words tell us, "You have been chosen for a great task, a task which only those from the outside can complete. Move ahead, and seize your destiny"
At which point a door appears. We go through, and wouldn't you have it, 4 special raised platforms that grant you special benefits are there, it would help if the DM WASN'T PLAYING KINGDOM HEARTS MUSIC. So we make our choices, we are then told by strange words that appear in the air, for this task you must lose what memories you had of this land, all else shall be preserved now go.
Well we all wake up with a few strange men looking over three of us, the man, who we can only assume is the captain of a boat based on the fact the he has an anchor tattooed on his arm and a bottle of expensive brandy in one hand, begins to talk to us. Something about a voyage, sea monsters, and us being stowaways,our character remember nothing, the minute his back was turned Vegas turned into a crab and stealthed away, Lain changed to look like one of the sailors, when the captain turned back he was startled to see a new crew man, and only one passenger still there, one really good bluff and the fact the captain was drunk, and had a bad memory, and gullible, and he was convinced that he had hired lain and the other 2 passengers were illusions.
The captain demands payment from out Ciel our fighter, luckily at that moment Vegas, goofed, and became human in the warted, this distracted the men long enough for our fighter to bail. Lain chased after him to "capture him" and the captain forced vegas to pay 4ogp.
enter tree town
looking around this quant little town we temporally went our separate ways. Lain to find a map, Ceil to the weapons shop, vegas to stalk the crap out of us.
He enter the weapons shop liquid sliver, to find a very pretty and dainty elf girl working the forge. Ceil engages in small talk with the very pretty girl, she revels that there use to be a werewolf problem around here, ceil immediately desidesto buy a silver weapon, because come on, A former werewolf problem+adventures arriving in the area= A werewolf attack.
he didn't have enough money, so he is about to leave when the fire burns the girl, so our lovable Ceil does a first aid check, and he successfully cleaned, bandaged and even stopped the pain of the wound. He takes his leave with a hopeful heart and a girl blushing deeply. He then heads toward the bar for work.
She hears about a capable huntress in the area and heads for her, she finds the right building and knocks at the door. After a few seconds she hears about 30 locks unlock, and a somewhat old women is at the door, she invites Lain in, and Lain manages to get a map of the whole country, for free, and its a pretty detailed map even.she takes her leave and what else, but heads for the bar.
He had followed Ceil, and saw all that then headed for the bar, got close saw Ceil was heading that way, and bailed, he then hit the library to look up some info on one of his targets.
Part 2 coming soon