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    The Interrogation of Marcel Lanier

    Still trying to figure out how this guy gets to the Nexus. But basically he's a normal person who comes with two "plot-clones."

    National Security Headquarters. Asbestos, Canada (Dominion Territory)
    March 26th, 2103. 23:14 hours, Eastern Standard Time
    Marcel Lanier Interrogation Recording

    Three men walk into the room; the central figure is Mr. Lanier, flanked by Dominion soldiers on either side. He is seated at a table, with the interrogator (Ms. Elizabeth Moreau) across the table. Mr. Lanier appears resigned.

    Moreau: Can you please identify yourself, sir?

    Lanier: (Looking visibly annoyed) You already know who I am. Why do we have to go through this, again?

    Moreau: Just answer the question, sir. Your citizen ID code, as well.

    Lanier: (sighing) Marcel Lanier. A270480N619. Any chance I can get a drink or something? Getting manhandled for no reason really makes a guy thirsty. (He and one of the guards at the door exchange nasty glances)

    Moreau: Just answer the questions, please. Where were you on March 12th, at 5:43 PM?

    Lanier: Yíknow, youíre a very cold woman. You sorta remind me of my sister. You look like her, too. Maybe a little prettier.

    Moreau: Again, where were you on March 12th, at 5:43 PM?

    Lanier: Do you have a fascination with asking questions that you already know the answer to, orÖ?

    Moreau: Where were you?

    Lanier: Alright, alright. Youíre pushy, you know that? I was at the international airport in London. I still have the visa that permits me to travel to Alliance territory, if you need it. (A second passes, and an expression of false realization forms on his face) Oh, wait; you took everything that belongs to me.

    Moreau: But thatís not the only place you were on March 12th, at 5:43 PM, was it?

    Lanier: (stares out into space with a blank expression, not responding)

    Moreau: You were also in both a Fukushima City hospital and the ruins of Islamabad at that exact same time. So, tell me, Mr. Lanier, can you tell me how you can be in both the Alliance Territories and the Collective Territories at the same time?

    Lanier: (still does not respond)

    Moreau: Weíre awaiting an answer. (When no answer comes, she motions to one of the guards, who starts to walk towards Lanier)

    Lanier: (the soldier walks up directly behind Lanier, and slams the back of his rifle into Lanierís forehead. The man grunts in pain) Iím a citizen of the Dominion. Whereíre my rights, exactly?

    Moreau: Potential national threats lose them. Now answer my question.

    Lanier: You know what? Never mind what I said earlier. My sister wasnít as big a bitch as you are. (the soldier slams his head against the top of the table)

    Moreau: Answer the question. Are you three terrorists that use the same alias?

    Lanier: (spits blood onto the floor to the right of him) Do you really think terrorists are that stupid?

    Moreau: Are you clones? Has the Alliance finally perfected its flash-cloning program?

    Lanier: This whole ďCold War IIĒ thing is getting pretty old, you know that? What happened to World War III being the last of the global conflicts?

    Moreau: Are you or are you not part of an Alliance-sponsored infiltration cell?

    Lanier: No, of course not. My family have been Dominion citizens since its creation. My grandfather was declared a hero of the Brazilian military during World War III. My dadís family has been living in Quebec since the 1740s. I have no reason to betray my country.

    Moreau: So then you explain it; itís not identity theft, because the scans we have of the other Mr. Laniers show that you three are genetically identical. Explain this to me.

    Lanier: (hesitates for a moment) Youíre not going to believe me.

    Moreau: We wonít know that until you tell me.

    Lanier: No, I mean you seriously wonít believe me. (he motions to the guards, but glances specifically at the one that hit him with the rifle) Plus, Iím not sure Dumb and Dumber over there will understand. Hell, I donít even know if I understand this completelyÖ

    Moreau: Are you done stalling, or should we wait for you to come up with an excuse?

    Lanier: (his expression darkens) Iím not stalling. Itís just that those were me. I was at all three different places at once. (Moreau just stares at him for a minute, glaring) Ö So, what about that drink?

    Moreau: I want a serious answer, now.

    Lanier: For crying out, lady, that was my serious answer! I told you that you wouldnít believe me.

    Moreau: Ö Okay. Letís assume for a second, and this is a pretty big assumption, that you are not completely insane. How on earth do you explain that?

    Lanier: IÖ I donít know. Let me try to explain it, better. Weíre separate people in that we work independently, but we share a mind.

    Moreau: What?

    Lanier: Uh, let me try to explainÖ I really donít want to lay a whole lot of sci-fi sounding crap on you. But here it goes, I guess; you know how most things occupy one single space in the space-time continuum? Well, I guess you can call me ďspecial.Ē And not in the special education sort of wayÖ Well, actually, maybe that is the kind of way, but thatís irrelevant at the moment. Basically, while I occupy one space in terms of the time line, I occupy three different spaces in terms of physical location.

    Moreau: Explain this more simply. I donít even think that makes sense on a metaphysical scale.

    Lanier: (he rubs his temple, as if trying to figure out how to explain) Okay. Imagine all three of me as a single person. We all know what the others have done, but-

    Moreau: So you three have a hivemind, of a sorts?

    Lanier: Yes- wait, no! No, itís not like that. None of us can directly influence the others. We just sort of see what the other ones are doing. I donít really know how to explain it. Basically, I see what they are currently doing, but I donít see it as if its currently happening. I see it as if it already happened, and I am just sort of remembering it.

    Moreau: Iím still not convinced any of this is real, but keep going.

    Lanier: Think of it as sort of three alternate timelines, but they all exist in the same timeline, and can directly affect the other.

    Moreau: Okay. Letís pretend that this is all true. How could this have started?

    Lanier: Now, thatís the question, isnít it? I donít know. This didnít actually start happening until recently. About two years ago, give or take.

    Moreau: What happens if you three were to meet each other?

    Lanier: I have no idea. I donít want to test it out, though; its too much of a headache when weíre all separate. I donít think my mind could handle trying to work this all out when weíre together.

    Moreau: You realize that weíre still going to have to keep you here until we can verify your story, correct?

    Lanier: Oh, please. Youíre going to keep me here long after you ďverify my story.Ē Iím something no one has ever seen before. Youíre about to make me your little lab rat. A forced test subject, all in the name of your creepy little science experiments.

    Moreau: If youíre so afraid that thisíll happen, whyíd you tell us the truth?

    Lanier: Because otherwise I would have been executed. I might have to live the rest of my life labeled as a freak, but Iíll be alive. Can we get on with this, now? Iím tired, and Iíve been sitting in solitary confinement all day.

    Moreau: Guards; take him to his cell. (she points to one of the guards) And make sure he gets a glass of water, will you?
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