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Thread: Tale as Old as Last Wednesday [Maid IC]

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    "...It was hearing you mention another Devil that did it." She says remorsefully, looking down at her lap. "I had thought I'd eluded them at last, and that Hani and I could settle down here, away from them all...and of course they would say I owe them."

    "Despite decades of unpaid overtime, working through vacations, insisting time and time again that we needed a new supervisor, or at the very least an assistant, and for all that time getting no respect for any of the work I did sorting through the souls of the damned...of COURSE they would be too incompetent to regulate it themselves, so of COURSE they now think that I owe them for all the souls they lost. That is just. Like. THEM."

    Balls of fire form in Ante's fists as she hisses through her teeth, slight pointed canines showing through as she grits them in rage.
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