Yuki scoffed, rolling her eye. "Oh yes, like I'm going to go tattle on you like some bratty little schoolgirl. If you are in trouble with the devils for not doing bad things, I don't exactly have much reason to expect trouble from you, do I? Though it is nice to know you have made previous arrangements and agreements with the Prince," the assassin shrugs aloofly, completely missing that potential source of conflict and confusion.

"At any rate," she idly waves her hand, "I told him that even if there was a demoness named Ante here, looking for her would be more trouble than it is worth, what with the monsters, killer maids, and diplomatic issues surrounding this place. So he scurried off, saying he would talk to his bosses about leaving this place alone. Hopefully, you will not have to worry about them for some time, though you may not want to let your guard down completely, just to be safe," she muses.