I was looking around for a suitable image for the beginning of the inevitable Koss thread, and this is what I found:


Like I said a few posts up, their standard is actually a string of ten small flags, usually with one end tied to the top of a pole and other end anchored to the earth. The inspiration was Tibetan prayer flags, and it made me start to think that Kossians are probably very patriotic and deeply religious. Further, those two things are probably closely intertwined.

I was a little hesitant about that idea, because Cerai is pretty much the same way, but then I realized that both of them approach the "church state" in radically different ways. Sure, both of them may have heads of state that also act as heads of faith, and sure, both of them may have complex dogma that demands the absolute obedience of their followers, and both factions are confident that theirs is the "One True Path." However, the Unified is monotheism with a huge focus on proselytizing. They believe that there can be only one True God, and they want to show everyone else the error of their ways, even if they want to do it gently most of the time.

Kossian faith, on the other hand, is polytheistic, and they could care less what outsiders believe. Kossians are Kossians, and they don't think too highly of outsiders. They have a fervent belief in their own gods, but they don't feel the need to beat anyone over the head with them.

I also found this image (hyperlinked because it's so huge):

On the Edge by Blinck

...and it made me reconsider the placement of Winter, one of the two capitals of Koss. Originally, it was situated at the back end of a narrow valley, nestled in amongst the mountains. Now, I think it would be cooler if it was at the front end of the valley, on the edge of the cliffs that fall down into a much lower valley. That seems to enforce the cold, isolationist feeling that I have for that side of the Dual Kingdom.