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Thread: Tale as Old as Last Wednesday [Maid IC]

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    Yuki shrugs. "I need a reason?" she asks flatly.

    She then looks over to Hani, slumbering peacefully. "I have done some horrible things in my life. They were always for a reason, mind you. Damning my soul for the greater good, that sort of thing. But what reason would I have to do something like that? Split you apart from your sister, condemn you to God-knows-what sort of punishment or torture, just because why? You didn't drag some unlucky bastards to Hell, and now some demons are perturbed about their evilness quota being unfulfilled? Hah..."

    A wistful smirk crosses the assassin's face. "Like I said, I have done some horrible things. My hands are stained with innocent blood, many lives left damaged or destroyed in my wake, and my soul tainted by countless sins..."

    "But I am not evil."
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