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    Default Re: Things I May No Longer Do While Playing III: I May Not Iron Heart Surge Rule Zero

    • I may not refer to my animal companion as "Mister Fluffykins" if he is larger than me.
    • Especially if my animal companion is female.
    • If I violate the previous rule, I may not complain if my character gets eaten.
    • I may not attempt to research "Spay/Neuter" as a first-level druid spell.
    • Not even if I attempt to justify it in-game as controlling animal populations to benefit nature overall.
    • If my DM is gullible enough to let me break the previous two rules, I will not use the spell on NPCs.
    • Especially not questgivers, kings, epic wizards, or other important figures.
    • Should the aforementioned powerful NPC roll a natural 1 on his Fortitude save and suffer the spell's effects, I should expect both myself and Mister Fluffykins to die horribly.
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