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    Default Re: Warhammer 40k fluff thread VI: They see me Ward'en, they haten

    Favourite Novel Series;
    Enforcer: Instead of being about amazing heroics and absolute badarsery, the series actually showcases in a few areas about how much it sucks to be an average human in 40K. Don't get me wrong, I love heroics and badarsery, but it's a nice change of pace.

    The Word Bearers: Chaos are not idiots. It helps that Anthony Reynolds also knows how to write battles and how to change perspectives amazingly well.

    Ventris: Aside from the fact that he's an Ultramarine, it's actually incredibly good. Especially because he's not really an Ultramarine. If you read it you'd know what I'm talking about.

    Grey Knights: An exceptionally well-written series. However, it was written before Matt Ward ruined them and as such, the GKs are actually quite...Human. With a whole heap of flaws whilst still being the pinnacle of humanity. The scene where the Holocaust Power is activated is quite epic.

    Soul Drinkers by the same author as Grey Knights is also very well written and Phalanx delivers a solid ending and closure for the series.

    Space Marine: You can't go past it.
    Atlas Infernal: My favourite Black Library book, bar none. The main reason I don't rate it as high as Word Bearers or Enforcer is simply because there isn't any more to like.

    Least favourites:
    Cain: It stopped being good after the third novel. All the books are the same, Cain never changes, his 'schtick' was old news even when Cain was new (if you want Rincewind, then read Discworld) and he's not that funny, again, simply because all his 'jokes' are all the same.

    Salamanders: Awful. The first one was incredibly bad. The next few are better, but that's only saying that 4/10 is better than 1/10.

    And then there's just my general reading list which I think everyone should check out.
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