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    Slow, shallow breaths follow Alec's minor but satisfying success; it hurts to suck in too much air too quickly. He turns north, then south, and decides not to join the pursuing party, on the grounds that someone just stole his horse and he's fairly sure he'd pass out if he tried to run after the others. Just staying on his feet is enough of a task for now, yet he doesn't sit to rest. The pirate tilts his head to give his sole victim a long, thoughtful look, as though he has something to say. It can wait for a moment; Alec doesn't stray far from the body, as though protective of it (maybe he's greedily laying a claim), but he does hobble over to Thorus's horse.

    He claps a hand against the man's knee and laughs, impressed. "Well done," he congratulates. "Will you be going with them?" He points, somewhat shakily, at the riding guards. "I don't think they'd turn down your help, not after this."
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