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A band made up of Zii, Sonya, and Yuki, there is nothing about that that is in any way a good idea. I mean, that situation is bad on so many levels that it really just needs its own webcomic.
But... but... but... the music videos they would make!!!

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Yuki being Asian is an issue, because..?
...because rumor has it some Caucasian might be less attracted to an Asian than another Caucasian? Not me, but I'd assume so. And therefore she's not as 'average' as Sonja is.

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Aside from being dumb as a rock?

Okay, so that might be too harsh, but she is not really that smart, which is a pretty big flaw for some.
That's why I said 'on the outside'. You can't spot stupidity. Okay, you can, but not really on Sonja. You need to talk to her.