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    Guess who has two thumbs and isn't dead yet?

    You! Yes you, reading this!

    I'm sorry if you don't actually have two thumbs, it was wrong of me to assume.

    Alright so I haven't been drawing absurdly much but all eight Medium sketches are now done. So, Whooo, yeah! Let's do a celebratory compilation post. I'll post them in the right order and everything.

    Day 155-176(?) (I'm pretty sure it has been three weeks)


    You have already seen this one, so, nothing earthshattering here. As said before, I'll play some with light, water and clouds here.


    This one gave me a lot of trouble and I think I've redrawn her face at least half a dozen times. It is quite heavily revised since you last saw it, hopefully you'll find it as much an improvement as I do. An attempt to tell a story with a picture.


    Slightly edited, but I wouldn't judge you for not noticing the changes since they are tiny. Eventually, I will try to depict rain and water here (And trees, I guess).


    Not edited since last you saw it. Water, birds and faces at angles.


    Not edited since last you saw it. In which I will eventually tackle reflections, as well as a starry sky.


    Not edited since last you saw it. Heavy machinery, and patterned cloth.


    Minute edits, I guess you could play spot the differences. Nothing mindblowing, just some foreshortening.


    And a new one, woohoo! Basically light beta, more clouds, faces at angles and light.

    So, since I wont install Paint tool SAI until in five or six days, I would very much like to hear any of your nitpicks so I can correct things in the meantime.
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