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I rather doubt that. She's had countless occasions to seriously double cross them, yet she hasn't.
Yes, I think she's suspicious and undeniably racist, but I doubt that she's working for the Souballo Empire.
You only get one major double-cross (unless they're utter simps, which the party isn't), you just gotta bide your time for the right moment. Yes, she has had times when she could have got somebody killed but that doesn't mean she has to jump on it and vacate the party. She can do just as much damage by keeping notes on the party and biding her time till she has either a piece of the Magicant or nothing more can be gained. Neither goal has been achieved, so she can make nice just fine while hinting to the readers, if not rest of her party, that she's not up to anything good. I believe her sincerity in her research topic of obscure flora and fauna as far as I could throw her.