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Normally, yes. But tonight? Tonight I finished Driver: San Francisco (Excellent) and am deliberately trying to exhaust myself because I write better when I'm tired (idiotic)

My own personal goal is 10,000 days. I love the sound of it in my head. Then, I shall have succeeded.
What, not even twenty eight years? What shameless underachievement.

How do you define 'not work'? Because I know the program works. The program can produce things like this. It's a question of how much you master it.
You know I drew digitally using Gimp earlier. My computer broke more than a month ago. The very next day I install Gimp on my brother's computer. It is a new version. Everything that was accessible and obvious is gone. Basic functions can't be found. Options and sliders are for show only, fixed in their positions with no means of adjustment. And the stupidity of my efforts only make matters worse. Obnoxious. Obtuse. Worthless. Completely unsalvageable. Did not work.