Ga'arin Rookblade shook his head furiously. "Where is he? Have you found him?" He paused, waving his blade around. "There! There it is! Good! Found his scent!" He trudged up the steps of a large building that appeared to belong to someone of incredible resources. "This must be it, it looks perfect for him. Perfect." He rapped on the door, and a well-built man opened it without unlatching it. He glared at him without speaking. The Daicchi looked around frantically. "I have to find him, I know he's in there!"
The large man only shook his head. "Appointment?"
The Daicchi glared. "Hahahahaha!? Appointment? I'll show you an appointment!" His blade easily sliced through the chain keeping the door closed. He kicked it open and shoved past the large man.
The large man gave him a stern look, rubbing at a mark on his chest. An odd mark, a circle surrounding a fire. He shook his head, taking a sword down from off the wall and swinging at the Daicchi. The Daicchi's own sword immediately blocked the attack, and the evil red eyes glared at the man. "I did not want to kill you when I came in. You have rapidly changed my mind." The large man's eyes widened as the blade he held was knocked from his hand. The Daicchi swordsman ran him through, wiping his sword on a curtain with a remorseful look. "I know, I know. You are hungry, but he was all wrong." He slid his finger along the blade's edge, drawing blood. "It will only take a moment, just a moment. Then we will have him. Aha.. Ahahahahaha!"

Much to the man's annoyance, the Count was one who favored discussion. Unable to escape he was forced to weave a Monk's livelihood into his travels.

As his tale wound through the various towns and lands, though, he began to relax. Here he would certainly be safe. Here where the guards trusted him, rather than chasing him. It was really too bad they would all have to die before he left.

After all, that noise.

At the sound of the cruel laughter echoing through the building, the Count stood up from his table. The monk sitting next to him did not stir, merely reaching farther into his robes. The door slammed open, and there stood a Daicchi swordsman. "I foooound you!" His voice rang out as he stepped closer into the room. The Count grew nervous, but the Daicchi only gave him a look. "I'm not here for you. I'm here for him."

He tried to jump up and flee but it was too late, the door was open and a warrior stood within it. The Count went pale and open his mouth to stammer. The man turned and tripped on the expensive chair beneath him...

The Daicchi laughed cruelly. "Is that all you've got? Come, now, you haven't put up a chase for so long just to fall down and die!" He waved the blade mockingly, grinning all the while. "Come, Black Painter. I've been waiting."

He stopped. That name... It had been a while since anyone had recognized him as such. The Count gasped audibly, and he sprang up, drawing a blade. "I don't know how you know who I am, but you are right in that I will not easily surrender."

The Daicchi grimaced cruelly. "Ga'arin Rookblade." He edged closer to his target, wiping his lip, fangs bared. "Bounty Hunter. You've killed a few too many for me to let you go. You're worth a fair price, in the right circles." He held the blade aloft, looking at it for a moment. "And this... is Swatch." He swung the blade at the man's head, but he was able to block the blow. The Black Painter countered with a blow, knocking the Daicchi off balance. The Daicchi recovered, swinging his blade again at the Painter's head. The Painter dodged, and struck rapidly at the Daicchi's chest. The Daicchi parried the blow, then called, "Now!" A piercing shriek was heard, and the Black Painter staggered to keep his balance and cover his ears. The Daicchi grinned. He slashed through his target's chest, dropping him to his knees. "Any last words?" He pondered a moment, then flicked the blade upward, through the man's heart. "Good. Hope they were biting."
After finishing off his target, the Daicchi covered his blade in blood. "Yes, yes! Now we must feast! Hahahahaha!"
He heard a bell toll, and the sound of running feet and clanking armor. The Count shouted, "In here! He's in here! Daicchi! Daicchi!"
The swordsman stood stock still, pondering his next course of action. "Damnation." First things first, he swiped an emblem from inside the dead man's robes, to prove he had killed the Black Painter. He leapt through an open window in the dining room, elbowing past the Count as he did so.

Narration, as written by penguinator and TBF

TBF died, he was Balli'am stonekeeper, a Member of poverty

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