I always try to keep things as simplified and elegant as possible with these settings. I'm not necessarily reskinning the standard fantasy races (especially since everyone is human in the setting), but it still might be useful to think about these races in terms of their standard fantasy counterparts, if for no other reason than to get ideas for how they relate to one another.

The People of Genara
Blackwood Folk are probably most similar to elves. They have a deeper connection to the land than the other races, and I picture them possessing a sort of serenity because of it. I don't think they're your typical aloof intellectuals--and they certainly trade goods and culture with the outside world--but they're proud of who they are as a people, and they try to maintain that.

The people of Cerai are closest to your basic humans. They're cosmopolitan, imperious, and religious. In a fantasy settings, humans are typically the "catch-all" group, so there's not really a need to make Cerians different. While I'm thinking about it, "Cerai" is pronounced "sair-EYE," and "Cerians," is pronounced "SAIR-ee-ans."

Kossians are probably most similar to dwarves. They live in the mountains, maintain a pretty strict isolationism, and are renowned for their many fine armorers. They are different because they are a deeply spiritual people, and build most of their culture around an affinity for their lofty home, rams and sheep, and the huge mastiffs they breed. I don't think they drink alcohol, nor are they known for being stocky or growing beards.

Vindlanders from the Petty Kingdoms are probably most similar to half-orcs. Their culture may be sophisticated, but they don't care much for the laws of other nations, so when they travel abroad Vindlanders (especially warriors) fulfill a lot of elements of the Noble Savage/Barbarian trope.

I didn't realize it at first, but the Sea Folk have a lot in common with halfings and gnomes. They have a generally transient culture, they're decadent as all get-out, and they may seem capricious to outsiders.

What do you guys think about these comparisons? Does it give you a little more insight into how these peoples fit together?