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    Yuki tilts her her to the right slightly, and shifts her gaze back and forth between the butler and the maids. "Actually, I do not think you have much to be worried about. Things have gone rather well so far. We all seem to be getting along quite well. For the most part. We've all settled in and quickly gotten our bearings, and are fully prepared to begin our duties. The wardrobe monster has been dealt with successfully, as have a few other smaller issues. Ante and I have already met the Prince's arcane adviser in the gardens; in fact, I apparently made a good first impression, judging from the conversation. And we all seem to be looking forward to beginning our jobs and serving His Highness. So, really, all the current evidence seems to indicate that you have nothing to worry about. Things haven't gone wrong yet - why should they now?" she shrugs aloofly.
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